What We Offer

Unparalleled Aesthetic Artistry

We make every smile a masterpiece.

Beverly Hills Dental Laboratory is informed and guided by the visionary leadership of Michel Magne. A world-renowned master ceramist and innovator in dental aesthetics, Magne brings a fine artist’s eye and a scientist’s precision to our restorations. Each case is designed based on a superior understanding of light, color, and facial anatomy. And each product is designed to blend harmoniously with the individual’s personality and create a natural, luminous smile. Our dental restorations are the ideal synergy of form and function, science and art.

Quality You Can Count On

We deliver exceptional restorations every time.

You can count on Beverly Hills Dental Laboratory for world-class quality and an uncompromising fit. From single units to full mouth restorations, we guarantee an exceptional end product that will enhance your reputation and delight your patients. Our collaborative design process is optimized for fewer remakes and adjustments. We use state-of-the-art dental technology, including CAD/CAM and 3D facial scanning, to deliver restorations that are precise, durable, and seamless. We also offer truly custom fabrications through our premium in-house milling.

360° Client Service

Your trusted patient partner, from concept to completion.

Beverly Hills Dental Laboratory is more than just a laboratory: we’re your full-service, collaborative partner. You can rely on our expert technicians and customer service team for a worry-free, white-glove process, timely delivery, and exceptional patient care. We’re here to support your practice in any way you need, from initial smile design through product seating, including any necessary adjustments. Our experts are available to answer your questions, provide technical guidance, troubleshoot difficulties that arise, and assist in case planning.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Whatever your patient needs, we have the solution.

You can trust Beverly Hills Dental Laboratory with all your restoration needs. We have the expertise and resources to handle even the most complex patient cases. Choose from our comprehensive range of treatment options. You’ll save yourself the time and inconvenience of dealing with multiple labs while benefiting from our experienced team of highly-skilled technicians and aesthetic dentistry masters. We also open our doors for specialized photography sessions and in-person patient consultations. It’s just one more way we set ourselves apart.

A Practice-Enhancing Resource

Turn to us to advance your career and improve your practice.

Beverly Hills Dental Laboratory is also a revolutionary educational facility where dental professionals and students can come together to advance their knowledge, practice their craft, and exchange ideas. We offer a wide range of training programs, study groups, and continuing education courses, including advanced classes with Michel Magne and other renowned dental restoration specialists. Our teaching lab is equipped with top-of-the-line tools and equipment, giving you every advantage for learning and mastering new skills.