Patient Photography

At Beverly Hills Dental Laboratory, we look to nature as the source of inspiration and the foundation of our case planning. The main challenge of modern esthetic dentistry is addressing age-related dentition changes. When years of wear take their toll, our goal is to restore the beauty and grace of the original smile.

With each patient, we start with highly-specialized professional dental photography. Using these images as a guide to treatment, our laboratory applies an advanced understanding of natural form, light, color, and function to identify defects and esthetic goals. Then we create dental restorations that integrate with the patient’s facial features and personality. The result is a harmonious and balanced natural smile.


Digital Smile Design

Create facially driven smiles digitally with Beverly Hills Dental Laboratory. Using patient photography and careful aesthetic treatment planning, designing the perfect smile for your patient can be achieved with the most natural outcome possible. Contact Info@Beverlyhillsdentallab.com to start your case today. 


CAD/CAM Provisionals

We produce exceptionally durable and lifelike provisional restorations using a combination of state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology and time-tested artisanal techniques. We start with digital computer-aided designs that make treatment collaboration easy. Our digital previews allow for quick visualization, analysis, and identification of issues that might otherwise be hard to detect. Once the digital design is finalized, we mill the product in house using five-axis machining and layered PMMA.

Finally, every provisional restoration is perfected by one of our master technicians using a refined hand-sculpting process. It’s the ultimate synergy of technology and artistry.


Feldspathic Veneers

Beverly Hills Dental Laboratory delivers simply incomparable porcelain veneers. We draw on an advanced understanding of light, form, and function to create impeccable, esthetically-exceptional restorations. For highest quality results, we recommend starting each case with our planning and diagnostic services. We offer a range of choices to best fit your patient’s requirements, from feldspathic porcelain to pressed ceramic—all guaranteed to deliver a natural and luminous smile. 



Discover the luminous long-lasting esthetics of IPS e.max, a revolutionary lithium disilicate glass ceramic that combines superior strength with lifelike opalescence and translucency. Our IPS e.max restorations are meticulously crafted using time-honored artisanal hand-waxing and pressing techniques. The result: beautiful fit, form, and function. Whether in full-contour form or fully-layered, our IPS e.max restorations exhibit the finest artistry possible.


Lava Ultimate

Designed for precision, strength, and ease, Lava Ultimate is one of the finest options for lustrous, adhesive-bonded inlays and onlays. Combining the benefits of both glass ceramic and resin materials, Lava Ultimate offers exquisite esthetics, bio-compatibility, and wear-resistance. Our restorations are created with advanced scanning and design software, then wet-milled using five-axis technology. The result is an unparalleled fit and feel.


Prettau Zirconia

Enjoy the unparalleled strength, beauty, and durability of Prettau Zirconia, a biocompatible implant that resists staining, chipping, and breakage. Our expert Prettau Zirconia restorations take advantage of on-site scanning, precise digital design, and five-axis milling technology. From screw-retained implant crowns to full-arch restorations, every Prettau Zirconia restoration is hand-sculpted and perfected to ensure a radiant, natural-looking smile that lasts.


Guided Surgery Planning

Beverly Hills Dental Laboratory makes the implant planning process easier with Nobel Clinician, an advanced diagnostic, treatment planning, and patient communication solution. Using a patient’s CT data and study casts, we create customized surgical templates (either fully guided implant insertion or guided pilot drilling) based on your treatment plan. The workflow allows for close collaboration with the clinician at every step—ensuring the highest level of efficiency and treatment quality for each patient.


All - On - 4

Our All-On-4 concept provides edentulous patients with a superior full-dentition solution. Efficient, cost effective, and minimally invasive, it’s particularly beneficial when the volume and quality of bone is limited in the posterior region. With All-On-4, patients get a fixed full-arch prosthesis on four strategically-placed implants on the day of surgery.

Choose from a comprehensive range of treatment options for your custom-designed implant restorations. Our Titanium bars—both fixed and over denture—are designed on site and manufactured to exacting standards by Nobel Biocare. From our expert implant technicians and dental artisans to our dedicated customer service team, you can rely on us for unparalleled craftsmanship and support on every aspect of your All-On-4 case.