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Renzo C. Casellini, MDT from Switzerland has been the owner of Swiss Quality Dental Implant Studio in Los Angeles, CA for 45 years. His articles on implants and esthetics have been featured in over fifty professional publications around the world. He specializes in Osseo Integrated implant prosthetics. 

Renzo is a member of multiple associations. He also lectures worldwide on esthetic implant restorations. Renzo received a mastership from the AAIP, the ICOI, as well as the ACP. In 2007 he became an ICOI/IPS certified implant prosthetist and a member of the board. In 2008, Renzo became a Diplomate of the International Dental Implant Association.

Renzo has instructed at renowned institutions such as Loma Linda University as well as the California Implant Institute. Renzo is now the acting General Manager of Beverly Hills Dental Laboratory and Oral Design Inc. 

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